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Over the years we've also built custom connectors for our customers, to enable integrations with systems that are not supported by the native platform, where there is a proprietary system in place,    or when a target offers an API that we can talk to with some custom coding.  

None of our connectors require a subscription.

Following are some of the connectors we've built.



For a customer in Australia, this connector allows us to interact with the MYOB API for Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Purchase Orders and Item Bills.  MYOB is a hosted software suite for businesses to manage their payroll and invoicing.

File Connector

The TIBCO included text file connector only allows the processing of one file "per run".  Our custom FileSystem connector uses a wildcard search to process all pending files as a single record set.  This can be used for any file types, supports sub folders, and can be combined with the XML connector for a more rapid solution to process files stored on a drive.


Using the TIBCO REST connector and our custom Swagger, we built a connector that will read Customers and Orders from Shopify, based on IDs or the created or last updated date/time.  Shopify is a all-in-one solution for an online store.

Woo Commerce

Utilizing the TIBCO  REST connector and our custom Swagger, we can read Customer, Product and Order data from WooCommerce.  Combined with a custom JSON connector we have, we can push updates back to Woo.  WooCommerce is an online store that can be added to an existing website.


Utilizing a REST connector and our custom Swagger, we can read Organization, Person and Deal data out of PipeDrive.  PipeDrive is a small-business CRM.


Utilizing a REST connector and our custom Swagger, we can read from and write to over 200 entities through the Magento API.  Magento is an eCommerce platform for online retail businesses.

XML Connector

REST Connectors post JSON, but some sites (Nexternal, Amazon) require XML.  This connector, combined with the TIBCO XML and System.IO connectors, allows us to post XML to a REST Endpoint.

Applied Epic

True native connector to integrate with the Applied API to integrate Accounts, Clients, Activity and Tasks.



True native connector to integrate Employee data.  Currently in development.

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